Friday, February 7, 2014

ADRIATIC, Mr.Bloch, Apple May

mesh sweatshirt: .:ADRIATIC line:. - free group gift, group free to join
mesh boots: .:ADRIATIC line:. - Trail Boots Auburn - L$99
mesh jeans: (AMD) - worn denim black - L$100
skin: Mr.Bloch - Alex will be available @ the (MOG2) - blog can be seen here:Men Only Gacha 2 which runs February 1rst-15th scroll down for preview of these awesome skins!

 MR.Bloch - Alex *BONUS*
 Mr.Bloch - Alex 01, 02
 Mr.Bloch - Alex 03, 04
Mr.Bloch - Alex 05, 06

 mesh jacket:  .:ADRIATIC line:. - silver L$169

 mesh outfit: .:ADRIATIC line:. - comes with black and red shirt, pants, boots, and sunglasses (not shown) L$200

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