Saturday, December 31, 2016


2016 was a period of trial and error. Thankful for all the blessings and successes even more so to my failures and heartaches (oh yes! I had some episodes). All have made me wiser and stronger. And as another book in my life has closed, I want to start ablaze, powerful and in command!

Today I'm wearing a sultry yet classy and sophisticated lingerie from MMC named Freya. The details are gorgeous! It fits nicely on my Hourglass body without having the lines jagged which is always a plus. Then since I missed out on one of my awaited shows, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I decided why not be an "Angel" on my own? And just in the nick of time, Caboodle released Draped Fae Wings for FLF. How cool is that? To add a high fashion feel to it, I wore my Iside set, Swallow's gift at Shiny Shabby and Phedora's Tatiana (unseen in the photo) which I've also blogged HERE.

So I put on those, and my first Bento head, Lelutka Simone 2.0, and a new skin specifically designed for it, Carolina in tone America from Glam Affair which comes with 8 eye makeups and 8 lipsticks. There are alot of things to love about this head. One of those is it's finally Omega compatible! Lelutka mesh head users have been asking for this for a long time and now it has been granted! The vast animations (24 anims), the ton of options through the HUD will give you the individuality that you desire. You just have to try it out!

Let's start this year fiery and fierce! We have 12 new chapters and 365 new chances! Write a good story today! Happy New Year! Hugs! ❤

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone 2.0
♦ Skin - Glam Affair Carolina America
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph Rustic
♦ Hair - Pr!tty Gigi (Lakewood Hunt)
♦ Lingerie - .:MMC:. Freya 
♦ Mask - Blueberry Show Time Queen Mask (Marketplace)
♦ Headpiece & Collar - Swallow Iside (Shiny Shabby Gift)
♦ Wings - Caboodle Draped Fae Wings (Fifty Linden Friday)

My Flickr & #THEGIFTSPOT (get notified of the best gifts DAILY!)

farewell 2016

skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Judas Caramel SPECIAL HB
caramel trail appliers used on Slink body
last day for FREE group join, advent and other gifts are still out also, hurry!

hair from no.match - No Poem - available at Men Only Monthly

fur vest from Legal Insanity - Jamie - available at Men Only Monthly

sweats from N-Uno - Daren - available at Men Only Monthly

pose from XXY - Meeting Friends 2 - available at Men Only Monthly

Thursday, December 29, 2016


...just like how we also need a break from our tasks. I realized I've been overworking myself lately. I'm hunting SL gifts, posting notices about it, inventory cleaning and organizing, blogging, scrambling from one photography idea to another, RL to-do's and holidays and more. I was all around! Doing too much than I can handle. Until it dawned on me, I need to take a break. Refresh. Replenish my mind because doing not making me accomplish anything. Not just anything but anything with the finesse that I want. So I'm back after one session of meditation and a very looooong period of sleep much like Sleeping Beauty with more energy and better flow within the day. 

Today I'm wearing G Field's latest group gift, Winter Princess Gown. It is a floor-sweeping ball gown much what we see Disney princesses wear. A strapless gown, it is embellished with flowers in its bodice, upper arm cuffs, and all over the drapes behind. Beautiful and romantic, the draped red skirt, made of cloth with floral designs, compliments the shape of the ball gown well and is accented by ruffles in its hemline.  

This is the type of gown that makes our childhood imaginations finally a dream come true.

Of course I did not forget the hair. Princesses always wear their hair in a way that it carries their overall look and that's always seamless even when bursting with joy and into a song (Seriously how can I do that in real? XD). I thought so should I. So I wore this majestic gown with Solace by Truth, a hair with loose to effortless curls and braids to add more to my whole Disney-princess-for-a-day attire.

Hope you'll feel magical as I did wearing this. Hugs! ❤

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone 
♦ Skin - [theSkinnery] Lisl
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Hair - Truth Solace 
♦ Gown - G Field Winter Princess Gown
♦ Sim - Tres Chic

My Flickr & #THEGIFTSPOT (get notified of the best gifts DAILY!):  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Flakes

skin appliers from [Avenge] - James, tan shown on Catwa Paul & Signature body. other tones and mesh body appliers also available - get it at Men Only Monthly

mesh coat, shirt, scarf,  & arm belt from Native Urban - Coquette, comes with texture change HUD for many options! - get it at Men Only Monthly

pose from Image Essentials - Wander 5

hat w/hair from Damselfly - Jack, gacha prize in store

eyes from IKON - Promise, grey

photo taken @ Winter Flakes

Monday, December 26, 2016

man cave

skin appliers from [HoR] - Vitas, shown on Catwa head Paul & Slink body
comes with 4 brow options: blond, brown, black & no brow. - NEW RELEASE!

hair from No.Match - No Fact

tattoo from Isuka - Drifter, Omega normal. fresh & faded also available - get it at Men Only Monthly

sweats from N-Uno - Daren, available in a variety of colors - get it at Men Only Monthly

pose from Le Poppycock - Can't Even

Adam Bento

New mesh head from Absolut Creation - Adam, comes with shape, alphas, full feature HUD that includes skin appliers, options for hair, brows, beards & more!
mesh body from Absolut Creation - Adam
be sure to visit the store and try out the demos!

mesh shirt from AD Clothing - Ethan, will fit default and mesh avatars. - available at Men Only Monthly

hair from Dura - boy 56

watch from [HJ] - Nova, was a gift in the KittyCats advent

pose from Image Essentials - Confidence 2

Saturday, December 24, 2016


...or the second one resembles Candice Swanepoel?

This is "Fire," Besom's new release for Uber. It is a long wavy hair with short wisps which adds more character to its overall look. The wisps help frame my face a little bit as well. If you're someone who likes a sexy voluminous yet effortless hair with a hint of a messy bed look should definitely get this one. ♥

(from left to right: Washed Out, Browns, Blacks, Mermaids)

You can find this in a few hours at Uber on December 25th. It is available in 10 packs with 10 color variations in each.

Hugs! ❤

PS: Thank you Kattington for this early giveaway!!! xxx

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Fudge
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Hair - Besom Fire
♦ Lingerie - Empire Honey
♦ Sim - Pyromania Resort

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Friday, December 23, 2016


Sometimes i just feel being one of of the guys. I always remember be yourself. Nobody has the right to tell you otherwise. I feel like grabbing my Unicorn Skateboard from Bad Unicorn putting a hat on Truth's Austen and exploring the streets Elysium of Tempemore. It's fun to be one of the guys from time to time. There's no need to fuss whether I look good or will my clothes get ripped/torn due to my kickturns and flips because all I'm wearing are Simona from N-Uno, Jessie Ripped Denim Skirt from Enertia and Whitney Work Boots from ILLI that make me comfortable in my own skin. I'm just blessed to have 4 bros, arm candies, shoulder to lean on, listener and adviser, BEST FRIENDS
in SL annd RL combined who accepts me just the way I am.

Hugs! ❤

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Oak
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph Rustic
♦ Hair - Truth Austen
♦ Top - N-Uno Simona Top (Tres Chic Gift)
♦ Skirt - Enertia Jessie Ripped Denim Skirt (Advent Calendar in group notices)
♦ Shoe - ILLI Whitney Work Boots (Tres Chic Gift)
♦ Skateboard - Bad Unicorn Unicorn Skateboard (group gift) 
♦ Sim - Elysium of Templemore

My Flickr & #THEGIFTSPOT (get notified in-world of the best gifts DAILY!):

Do you hear what I hear?

skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Gabriel, Gabriel Stubbled Caramel brow v1 TRAIL v2 HB
Slink Caramel appliers used on body

shirt & jacket from INVICTUS - Open jacket jeans  /  Black  Slink 1, other colors & mesh options also available - can be purchased at Men Only Monthly

tattoo from Endless Pain - Beyond Death

hair from Dura - Boy 24 & INK - SEED

eyes from IKON - Triumph eyes, Soldier

necklace from GABRIEL - Angel Wings

bracelet & ears from MANDALA

pose from grafica - Adeg iv - available at Men Only Monthly

photo taken @ Winter Flakes

Thursday, December 22, 2016

guess which hand..

mesh head from Akeruka - Mike, Bento version. includes 10 skin tones, skins for default avatar bodies, shape, 2 HUD's, appliers for TMP, Omega, & Slink (shown)

outfit from E-Clipse Design - Diesel, available in other color options also - available at Men Only Monthly

pose from XXY - Meeting Friends pose 3 - available at Men Only Monthly

hair from lock&tuft - Spudly

eyes from IKON

body from Slink

Tuesday, December 20, 2016


...quote by Brene Brown.
Creativity is very valuable for me. I'm very passionate with her. Due to insecurity and self-doubt, I thought I lost her but I'm more than glad she clung to me all my dark times. Now, we're back and fighting side-by-side. I bring her everywhere. She gives color to my life. Happiness. Delight. Curiosity. Triumph. 

This is my photo contest entry entitled, "Santa It's Cold Outside...Let's Dance" under the theme "Snowed In". I recently started joining ones because I love challenging myself. I want to see where my ideas can go. Have I elevated after the last one? I want to get blown away and discover further my crazy mind. And the one way to do that keep on growing and creating.  

I love you, Creativity! Hugs!

Style List

Anne Lovingheart:
Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Oak
Eyes - Ikon Triumph Rustic
Hair - Truth Arwen 
Tattoo - Carol G Payoja (Group Gift) 
Top - Ricielli Jessy Top (Halloween Hunt 2016) 
Bottoms - Goldi Studio Sports Shorts (Group Gift) 
Boots - Fussy Duchess Thigh Boot (Group/Event Gift) 
Boxing Gloves - Frimon Store I Gave Him A Beating (Group Gift)

Bruno William:
Costume - Santa Claus Avatar ($1 Marketplace)

House - Funky Junk Timberline 2 (Advent Calendar) 
Glitter - Ice Damn V1 Ice + V2 Snow (Advent Calendar) 
Ariskea - Wreath (WLRP Gift) 
Image Factory - Christmas Stocking w/Monograming (Advent Calendar) 
Rekt - Thankful & Oar (Group Gifts)

Kitty Cats Kaerri - Advent Clock (Advent Calendar) 
Cheeky Pea - Cherie Lounge Chair Rainbow Stag (Advent Calendar)  
Lelutka - Gratiam Tree (Group Gift) 
{XO} Cherry Bomb - Full Perm Holiday Toy Train Set ($1 Marketplace) 
BoiledEgg - Robber Santa (Free Gift)

Wall Decors:
♦  Roawenwood - Winterscapes (WLRP Gift) 
CWTCH - Boho Prints (The Boho Couture Fair 5th Anniv Gift)
DRD - Arctic Express (The Arcade Gift)
Random Matter - Hare by Dore (Event Gift)

Aisling - Ni (1st Anniversary Gift) 
Birdy - Cabaret Star String Light (The Arcade Gift)
{anc} - Hatsuyume Pink Peacock 
Jian - Sitting Kitten (Fameshed Group Gift) 
Come Soon Poses - Christmas Morning Labrador Pup (Group Gift)

Check more HERE and at #THEGIFTSPOT  ◕‿-。
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It's really cold these days. I feel it alot! Even if I'm living where it never...EVER...snows. I wonder what will happen if in case it did? Hmm, there might be a lot of casualties. Unless, they give into a not-so-new craze, the "Cuddle Weather." Anyone want to cuddle with me? I give it for free! Snuggle? Anyone!?

So today I hurriedly put on my new Jolly Holiday Mini Sweater I got from Blueberry. A body-fitting one, it has over 43 patterns and colors to choose from! All mesh sizes can wear it so hurry and grab it now. It is available for a limited time only! I chose to wear it with Truth's newest gifts, Pompom Hat and the Bangs Collection (Double Side Wavy), in Pastel Ombre Pink and Blue.

I was freezing and about to scream "free hugs!" when I was stopped in my tracks. Cheek Tiramisu Cafe is one serene sim. Don't Anne, don't. I made up for it by finally wearing my Free Hugs Skinny Jeans from Amazing Creations. Then to keep me from tiptoeing on their cold cafe floor, I quickly grabbed my Coco Flat Ankle Boots. Lastly, I want to thank Stuffed Kitty from Andika who accompanied me on my quest for Hugs. Thank you Kitty! Where will I be without you?  

PS: I decided to combine my Original Style with the Quick Fix. I can do it apparently. Sorry for confusing you. You have a spontaneous and very excited friend over here *points at herself like Blake Shelton in The Voice*

Hugs! ❤
♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone 
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Oak 
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph 
♦ Hair - Truth PomPom Hat (latest group gift)
♦ Top - Blueberry Jolly Holiday Gift (latest group gift)
♦ Pants - Amazing Creations Free Hugs (group gift)
♦ Boots - COCO Designs Flat Ankle Boots (group gift) 
♦ Kitty on Hat - Altair Kitty Companion (subscriber's gift)
♦ Pose - Andika Stuffed Kitty (latest group gift)

Check ME, you'll get hug overload!
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Monday, December 19, 2016


Hi SL Style & More! *waves*

I decided I'm going to give myself a challenge. I want to be as quick as whenever I send notices about the latest and only the best gifts, DAILY that is, in my in-world group #THEGIFTSPOT. So I created "QuickFix" (at least that's its name for now) where I'll only post a Style List. You might say, 'what's new? Many is doing that.' I agree but here's the catch. I'll mash-up gifts released within 1-3days time and create a look from that. I know I'm not the only one (OMG! That's a song. XD) but one more thing that I DO KNOW is that I acquire gifts faster than anyone most of the time AND that I'm great at combining them for a certain detailed look or scene. SO this is worth looking out for. 

To give you an example, check THIS. You can see the long style list and those are all gifts. I'll be posting another one like that next to this again for a photo contest. *crossed fingers that I win* ^_^

Enough of the chit-chat, let's do this! 

PS: This is not me stopping from my other blog style. It's ONLY a challenge and to deliver YOU updated content because that's the goal of #THEGIFTSPOT so it should be present here as well. 

Hugs! ❤  

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Special Sand
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Hat - ::K:: Russian Hat (Latest Group Gift)
♦ Hair - Lelutka Duchess Strands (Group Gift)
♦ Coat - American Bazaar Mademoiselle Coat (Latest Group Gift)
♦ Clutch - Legendaire Eyes Open Gown (Latest Group Gift)
♦ Boots - Wicca's Wardrobe Fleur (MMM Gift)
♦ Pose - .::Nanika::. Pose, Christmas Gift Sled Riding (Latest MP Gift)
♦ Sim - Free Fun Photography

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Sunday, December 18, 2016

bah humbug

 hair from lock&tuft - Jared - available at Men Only Monthly

mesh jacket from AMERICAN BAZAAR -  Jimmy Bubble Vest Black, available in other colors also - available at Men Only Monthly

mesh sneakers from REBELLION - Merc II Hi-Tops, comes with color change HUD - available at Men Only Monthly

mesh body & head from Signature - Gianni

pose from Le Poppycock - Can't Even

photo taken @ Winter Flakes, a beautifully decorated winter sim for exploring and photos 

Friday, December 16, 2016


You, me, we're all responsible for the consequences of our past and present. Our tomorrows all depend on who we are today, who we were yesterday. I learned this the hard way. Once upon a time, my happiness was dependent to someone else. It was a euphoric ecstacy every time but a ravenous parasite of misery when it's gone. Until the sand of delusion run out. I'm done. Happiness depends on yourself. No one else. Love should come from within - the good kind of love, not the vain and not necessarily romantic. Your life is entirely in the palm of your hands. You make your own path. You either tread the road less traveled or tread the road of comfort. You're in control of who you will be. In my case, I have decided. I need no Prince Charming...because even before he comes I already saved myself.

Malignant comes in 2 parts the hand cups and the dress. Without the hands, this could also pass as a promiscuous outfit since it's the only thing covering my tatas. Depending on your skin it may or may not show your "succulence" as well. The dress starts as an underbust corset pulling my waists so tight in (I cannot breathe!) like the ones you see during the Victorian Era. It is held up by strap connecting to a backbone-looking laces which go all the way until my lower back extending to a ball gown.

You can still get it at Pixicat, available in 6 colors and all Standard and Mesh sizes. Have fun!

Hugs! ❤ 

Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Sand
Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦  Hair - Truth Ami 
Dress - Pixicat Malignant Dress
Footwear - #EMPIRE Tagetes (VIP Gift)
Sim - StoryBrooke Gardens 

For more, check FLICKR or...
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skin applier from 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Fier, caramel stubbles hb shown on TMP classic head
caramel smooth body applier on TMP also shown

tattoo from Ayna~ - Arjuna (back of tattoo shown below)

hair from Dura - Boy 73, available at TMD

sweats from .:PARKER:. - Hudson, comes with texture change HUD

pose from Le Poppycock - Literally

 pose from Image Essentials - Lean 2

Wednesday, December 14, 2016


mesh head, skin, and Slink appliers from Akeruka - Keith, comes with HUD for appearance variation, a HUD for expressions, default skins, shape, appliers for Slink, Omega, & TMP. also comes with Bento version.

jacket from BRAVURA - Boite Noir Blazer Stitched, comes in other colors. be sure to visit the all new store!

pose from Image Essentials - Confidence 2

hair & bandana from UNORTHODOX - choppa

eyes from IKON - Promise grey

jeans from REDGRAVE - Heavy Used LQMesh

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Another Coat.

I found another coat ! I love the furry edges and the contrasting belt on this one. I also found this hair that has flashing bulbs added into it, how cool is that. I'm also trying out a new mesh head applier for the LAQ head. I am still not sure if it's for me as I like a very freckly natural look.

Hair: Sintiklia-Sparks-Blonde, @WinterTrend 

Skin:. Glam Affair- Zuzia applier for Laq mesh head, 7 skin tones available, demo available, 599L each - @Uber

Coat:[HU] Icelyn Jacket_white_Maitreya_bag - @The Frozen Fair 2016


Monday, December 12, 2016


Being a lady who lives in a chain of 7, 107 islands, I haven't experienced the specks of white sparkles gliding through the wind we call as snow. But as my RL mentor has told me always, "see the world through your WOW glasses." So today I put on mine and explore The Pines at Jacobs Pond with all the wonders in me...because in Second Life everything is just a click away!

Winter is not only a time for snow and its angels but it's also the season of cheers and giving. It rings of presents and love. It's an exciting day everyday as I count the days when I can finally rip those gift wraps, open my box and to find out what this object of delight that teases my curiosity is.

More than that what I love is to stroll around my neighborhood. Smile and wave at my friends adoring their houses' festive decors. Greet the animals wandering around before running away to a sign of threat (me :( ) sends me giggling. Strolling some more and admiring the glorious color of white, the color of peace around me.
I am utmost grateful to Holly, sim owner of The Pines at Jacobs Pond for her kindness to let me into her home and helping me around. It's a tranquil scenic place fit for a time to feel the cold but warm breeze blowing gently on your skin. Warm as the creator's heart. Fit to give yourself precious time to be mindful and for self-reflection.

Now onto what I'm wearing... *smiles wide*

I'm wearing Indented's gift, Aurora, as it provided the skin coverage I prefer this cold wintry morning. It's a long sleeve off-shoulder coat with it halfway unbuttoned down my legs. It shouts conservative and sultry fashion right there. It comes in a fatpack of 4 colors - Red, Black, Green and Brown. 

I wore it with Phedora's Tatiana, a thigh-high boots of 21 colors which you can customize in every possible way with its meticulous HUD. I was so excited to wear this one after I got it from Black Friday. It fits my Slink Hourglass legs, sticks well not making me look heavy with an excess of mesh. It's one of the trademarks I have noticed with any Phedora wear.

I purposely wore it with Truth's Debra, a medium short feminine hair to expose my strong shoulders. I strongly  believe it is one of the sexiest feats of a woman. Lastly, I accentuated it with Graffitiwear's latest subscriber gift and Alterego's Rudy Antlers added some more Christmas into my whole look.   

Hugs! ❤ 

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Oak
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Hair - Truth Debra 
♦ Dress - Indented Aurora (Free Gift)
♦ Jewelry - Graffitiwear Stained Glass (Latest Subscriber's Gift)
♦ Antlers - Alterego Rudy Antlers Choco Red (Group Gift)
♦ Sim: The Pines at Jacobs Pond

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

our new puppy

we are wearing hair with hats from Truth - December VIP gifts, Irena & Irenka. Both hairs can be worn with or without the hats. color HUDS included.

He is wearing:

skin from Labyrinth - Hunter, shown with Omega appliers on Slink. Catwa head applier also available - available at Men Only Monthly

sweater from sharp by [ZD] - Brit Sweater, options for mesh & default avatars - available at Men Only Monthly 

eyes from IKON - Promise, grey

pose from Focus - Couple 13, comes with dog & phone

The Coat

I love those old fashioned snow coats with the fur around the collar and sleeves. They have a flared swingy style to the design and usually come in an array of beautiful colours. I have a heap of them in my inventory but, this is one I acquired a few days ago and comes with a colour changing hud. I should go through all the coats I have and make a feature of them all..maybe next time.
Cute Hat: ::{UFo}:: Lamb Lamb Lamb!- woolen hat - beige. Gacha machine not available.

 Snow Coat: neve coat - snow neutral - @ TLC 

Penguin Leggings: Boutique187# Leggings Xmas Pingu - CHAPTER FOUR GIFT

 Snow Boots: Schadenfreude Snow Miche Boots

Little Snow Bird

It's Sunday and I had time to look through some of the clothes I recently purchased. I was in a wintry mood when I bought this beautiful dress and matching coat at On9. I found this cute little bird set from Half Deer which was a Fifty Linden Friday offer, pop by they might still be available !
My Hair:">+elua+ Molly_Darkbrown pack - A Gacha Machine Win

My Necklace:"> MINIMAL - Zelda Necklace 1 *Silver* - A Gacha Machine Win.

The Dress & Coat: *MSS* Skadi Gown and Wrap Beige - @ On9

My Shoes: Mutresse - Genovia Booties - 20 Colors for Slink/Maitreya/Belleza - Mutresse Market Place

Little Bird: +Half-Deer+ White Baby Birds [Set] - Fifty Linden Friday -

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Hailing myself as a woman of this generation, exuding confidence and finesse is second to none in my book. I am like a bee to honey that I gravitate and swoon over models of such, empowered women as I call them. As I fall in love with their grace, sophistication and world-turning minds, I follow them all over and slowly notice myself blossoming into one. Elegance is an attitude. It is a luxury of any woman.

The first half of the Monthly Midnight Madness has just passed. And as I'm talking about elegance today, sparks flew out of my heart as I laid my eyes on this gown from Sweet Kajira.  Shalma as she is named is a mix of orange and brown long gown of which are separated by lines of gold. These golden borders aren't just placed anywhere but is stitched to style and accentuate the curves of anyone who wears it. To add intricacy onto it, it has brocade details on its cloth too.

As they say less is more. In this look I omitted what I usually include - accessories, tattoos,  shoes (yes, I'm barefoot trodding the cold SL winter) and alot of time brainstorming as I want to stay true to the essence of the statement prior and to plainly showcase her

Its back is where it is at. Shalma is a backless gown as well! (Already to die for in my case. Big fan of backless dresses here!) Great idea to make up for all the cover in front. It almost shows my behind but no..just giving any onlooker a peek and a tease. *wink wink*

I put it together with Truth's Xia because I love how this hair adds more "lady" and royalty into the whole look without dominating the gown and still allowing me to showcase my sexy back.

Hugs! ❤ 

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - [theSkinnery] Lisl 
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Ears - [MANDALA] Steking Ears Season 5
♦ Hair - Truth Xia
♦ Dress - Sweet Kajira Shalma (MMM Gift)
♦ Sim: Luane's Magical World 

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Friday, December 9, 2016

winter chill

skin applier from 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Fier, caramel stubbles hb shown on TMP classic head

hair from Exile - Give Away Your Secrets

eyes from IKON - Promise grey

jacket from GABRIEL - Double Fur Coat

pose from Image Essentials - Confidence 2

Wednesday, December 7, 2016


It's December already and a week has passed. For hundreds of women, it is time to get excited again! Time to get crazy! The due date is almost up for the gates of hell to break loose! It's 2 days until the Monthly Midnight Madness! And to celebrate the forthcoming heavy downpour of awesome free limited gifts, I've assembled this from the past round because it's never too late to show off my messy inventory.

I have noticed in the last two rounds of MMM, Salt & Pepper always creates fashion outfits that not only are eye-catchy and sexy as hell but are in themes of blue and iridescence - the other version. Sylvia is an ombre turtle neck dress that is half-bare. To make up for the impending "nakie-ness," it has a pastie which covers the should-be-covered and a set of unrigged armlets for the arm. As it's a backless dress as well, the behind is adorned with a silver chain.  It comes in Slink (all) and Maitreya sizes.
I wore it with Empire's Hyacinth in silver to match the bluish to white  gradient. It is a knee-high open-toe Gladiator heels. It's available in 2 colors - Gold and Silver, and a HUD where outer soles and metals can be customized. It comes for all mesh sizes too. 

Lastly since I'm a vey big fan of spikes and cutesy items, the moment I saw Tabou's Kitty Chic Ears in Sea, it was love at first sight. I had to comine it in because I feel I still lack some 'POW!". The details are just fantastic! Gold spikes much like saying, "don't mess with me" but still adorable to get reactions which I did! 

Hugs! ❤ 

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
♦ Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Special Sand
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦ Hair - pr!tty Gigi (Lakewood Hunt Item)
♦ Dress - Salt & Pepper Sylvia Ombre Edition (MMM)
♦ Shoes - Empire Hyacinth Silver (MMM)
♦ Headband - Tabou Irresistible Kitty Chic Ears Sea (MMM)
♦ Tattoo - .:AS:. Lisa (Group Gift)
♦ Sim: Sanarae 

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Tuesday, December 6, 2016

beach bum

mesh head from Akeruka - Mike, Bento version. includes 10 skin tones, skins for default avatar bodies, shape, 2 HUD's, appliers for TMP, Omega, & Slink (shown)

sweats from .:PARKER:. - Hudson, comes with texture change HUD - available at Men Only Monthly

pose from Image Essentials - Confidence 4

hair from Dura - Boy 72

eyes from IKON - Promise Grey

body from Slink

I heard a story once

mesh head from Akeruka - Mike, Bento version. includes 10 skin tones, skins for default avatar bodies, shape, 2 HUD's, appliers for TMP, Omega, & Slink (shown)

outfit from BRAVURA Boite Noir - mix n match of Pinstripe Blazer Cream w/shirt & Pants Cream

pose from Image Essentials - The Fedora 4

Monday, December 5, 2016

Home for the Holidays

mesh head & body from Absolut Creation - Adam, both come with full HUD for many variations, body comes complete with hand poses. Shown is one of the included skins.

hair from cheeky - Basti, comes with color HUD - available at Men Only Monthly

jacket & shirt from sharp by [ZD] - Austen, comes in a variety of options to fit mesh bodies & default avatars - available at Swank

pose from Image Essentials - male lean 2, part of the Wall to Wall pack

photo taken at Rosemoor  

Sunday, December 4, 2016


skin from 7 Deadly s{K}ins - Odin, shown in caramel using TMP body & head appliers

tattoo from ISUKA - Cerviel, comes with appliers for TMP & Omega - available at Men Only Monthly

sweats from .:PARKER:. - Hudson, comes with texture change HUD - available at Men Only Monthly

hair from Dura - Boy 68

beard from [RA] - Drogo V2

eyes from IKON - Truimph, Soldier

pose from Le Poppycock - First In Line

Thursday, December 1, 2016


mesh head, skin, and Slink appliers from Akeruka - Keith, comes with HUD for appearance variation, a HUD for expressions, default skins, shape, appliers for Slink, Omega, & TMP. also comes with Bento version.

hoodie from Native Urban - Shogun, comes with texture change HUD for many variations - available at Men Only Monthly

jeans from MGmen's - Mipo, comes in a variety of colors and will fit default shapes and mesh avatars - available at Men Only Monthly

pose from Grafica - lansio ii, pack comes with other poses as well - available at Men Only Monthly

hair & bandana from UNORTHODOX - choppa

eyes from IKON - Promise grey

hands by Slink

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