Friday, December 16, 2016


You, me, we're all responsible for the consequences of our past and present. Our tomorrows all depend on who we are today, who we were yesterday. I learned this the hard way. Once upon a time, my happiness was dependent to someone else. It was a euphoric ecstacy every time but a ravenous parasite of misery when it's gone. Until the sand of delusion run out. I'm done. Happiness depends on yourself. No one else. Love should come from within - the good kind of love, not the vain and not necessarily romantic. Your life is entirely in the palm of your hands. You make your own path. You either tread the road less traveled or tread the road of comfort. You're in control of who you will be. In my case, I have decided. I need no Prince Charming...because even before he comes I already saved myself.

Malignant comes in 2 parts the hand cups and the dress. Without the hands, this could also pass as a promiscuous outfit since it's the only thing covering my tatas. Depending on your skin it may or may not show your "succulence" as well. The dress starts as an underbust corset pulling my waists so tight in (I cannot breathe!) like the ones you see during the Victorian Era. It is held up by strap connecting to a backbone-looking laces which go all the way until my lower back extending to a ball gown.

You can still get it at Pixicat, available in 6 colors and all Standard and Mesh sizes. Have fun!

Hugs! ❤ 

Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone
Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins Rain Sand
Eyes - IKON Triumph
♦  Hair - Truth Ami 
Dress - Pixicat Malignant Dress
Footwear - #EMPIRE Tagetes (VIP Gift)
Sim - StoryBrooke Gardens 

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