Monday, January 9, 2017


Coco Chanel puts it this way, "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." Hair is a significant indicator and symbol for us even more for women. A newly-dyed, newly-styled, cut hair is a simple but total transformation  for any woman, lady or girl. Would you believe that? Yes it is! For some reason and you probably feel it too that when your hair looks good, you feel can conquer anything. As they say, "[their] mood depends on how good [their] hair looks". So the next time, you approach your lady, friend, ANYONE compliment them on their hair first and I guarantee you'll see their best side in a snap. *winks*

Hi everyone! It took me awhile to assemble this. Today let me guide you though "some" of the different facets of ladies with all the 8 NEW hairstyles I won from Phoenix's Lucky Letters. You know, patience does pay off. I waited and called out letters for a total of 11 hours to collect them all. And it is well worth it! Each hairstyle comes with 2 HUDs. First is the Colour Mix HUD with 20 colors. Second is the exclusive Rainbow HUD with 6 colors which can only be activated by wearing Phoenix's group tag.

So let's get it on! 

(left to right, top to bottom: :::Phoenix::: Lilith V1, Nina, Mara and Olivia)

♦ Mesh Head - Lelutka Simone 2.0
♦ Skin - Glam Affair Carolina America
♦ Eyes - IKON Triumph Rustic

Evil Cunning
♦ Hair - :::Phoenix::: Lilith V1 & Wings (lucky letter)
♦ Mask - Blueberry Show Time Mask Queen (marketplace)
♦ Outfit - Yeliz Halloween Corsage & Skirt (group gift)

♦ Hair - :::Phoenix::: Nina (lucky letter)
♦ Mask - Blueberry Show Time Mask AngelPure (marketplace)
♦ Dress - Salt & Pepper Kelly Iridescence (monthly midnight mania)

Edgy Hot-Tempered
♦ Hair - :::Phoenix::: Mara (lucky letter)
♦ Mask - Blueberry Show Time Mask Heartbreaker (marketplace)
♦ Outfit & Necklace - Legendaire Emily (group gift)
♦ Bracelet - Pure Poison Cool Bracelets (group gift)

♦ Hair - :::Phoenix::: Olivia (lucky letter)
♦ Mask - Blueberry Show Time Mask AngelFancy (marketplace)
♦ Dress - Morea Style Honey Peach (group gift)

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